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Mr. Mashhoor Moussa Al-Anzi.

Mashhoor Group was established in the year 1988 in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. It is wholly owned by Mr. MashhoorMousa Al-Anzi. Mr. Mashhour has extensive experience in the field of contracting, trade, and real estate development, gained through his long-term work in this field, and he enjoys wide relations in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Established in 1988, Mashhoor is now one of the leading legal firms in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia region. The company provides a wide range of services with great experience in the field of contracting, trade, real estate development, public transport, and finance. The reviews of many newspapers and the comments of experts in the leading commercial media confirm; The credibility of the company’s president, “Mashhoor Mousa Al-Anzi,” and the clients ’satisfaction with their dealings with the company.

Mashhoor company includes:

Popular for General Trading

Mashhoor General Trading Company undertakes several tasks of wholesaling solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels and related products. This sub-category includes the wholesale of solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels.

This includes:

  1. Wholesale of charcoal and wood
  2. wholesale of crude oil and petroleum products
  3. wholesale of liquefied petroleum gas, butane, and propane
  4. holesale of automotive fuels, lubricants, lubricants and oils

The commercial activity includes the purchase of large wholesale commodities and reselling them regardless of whether the goods are sold in an unchanged or variable state (work status, processing, and after processing). Goods can also be received and re-shipped.

 It also provides services for exporting goods, meaning it can goods for companies and individuals alike. In the case of direct export, the goods are transferred directly by the exporter, which in this case may be the product of the commodity or the service provider required outside the borders of the European Union without the need for an existing dealer or intermediary company Within the European Union.

Mashhoor Company provides export packages for a wide range of industrial goods, as well as handling services for all goods and vessels, loading on trucks, and packing in containers. We work with experienced technical personnel in the field such as packers, stowage workers, crane drivers, truck drivers, forklift drivers, and welders, a highly efficient team that works “round the clock” to serve our customers. And our service is not limited to the ports alone, but we also offer you advice and flexible processing services related to production in your company. Our people follow the export operations from the start, providing advice on packing, loading, and securing of loads. We offer you the possibility to temporarily store your goods in our open and covered warehouse.

Mashhoor company transports goods from one place to another through a fleet of merchant ships, ships, and containers, which can reach the farthest countries, in addition to its high ability to accommodate heavy-sized goods and transport very large quantities at once, shipping is by ship or as Known as sea freight is the oldest shipping method in the world, and all countries of the world have their own commercial fleets.